Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ratings Day

Woo Hoo! Great news in radio land!! The Breakfast Club is number 1!! SUN FM did really well!

I don't do well twice a year when our report card comes out. I get sick to my tummy, can't sleep and randomly bust into tears. The control freak in me has a really hard time waiting for something that I have NO control over!

The system for ratings is really ummmm.. unreliable, but it's all we have. Here is how it works based on the size of your market the BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) sends out "diary's" to pre-chosen people, those people fill out the diarys and write down what station they listen to in 15 minutes incriments. Those results are counted up and the BBM pops out a "book." The book lists what staions in a specific market are listened to the most, and break it down by demographics and time slots. For most radio announcers this is how we keep and/or lose our jobs, it is also what bonus's are based on. Many radio personalities don't make great salaries and depend on performance bonuses to pay off maxed out Visa's, so it's pretty important stuff to us.

When the specific numbers come out I will post them. For now it's happy happy happy :)

So let me repeat. WOO HOO. Great news in radio land, The Breakfast Club is number 1!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to blogging

I just have to find a format that fits!

Welcome to my little world online, which really isn't all that little! It's pretty amazing all the growth that happens, that truth be told, not all that many people know about! People are slowly catching on, thanks a lot I think to facebook. What did we do online b4 facebook! I do have a couple of friends that refuse to hop on the fb wagon, it kinda stinks because they do miss out on some fun stuff! (Never mind the pictures of them that have been posted that they know nothing about! )

I am going to use this blog to not only let you know what's going on inside my brain and out of it - but to also clear out my head and hopefully get the ball rolling on the writing I have been working on for awhile.

My randomness today includes this: I woke from a dream the other morning, fairly frightened.. and quickly started to laugh. I never remember my dreams, but this one was so vivid! I was in a basement.. all the lights were on, someone had me by the arm and I knew this someone was a serial killer.. he had me by the arm and was attacking me.. with.. wait for it.. a hole punch. Yup one of those single hole hand held hole punches. He wasn't even trying to beat me over the head with it.. he was trying to hole punch my bicep! In the dream someone else was in the corner.. and Steve was coming down the stairs to rescue me! Than I woke up! I haven't even bothered to check a dream site to see what it could mean. I highly doubt "hole punch" shows up anywhere!