Monday, April 19, 2010

Run Susan run.. unless you were supposed to walk..

The Fresh Air Experience Run Clinic is going well!

We are a week in and I can tell you it's an amazing bunch of ladies! I am amazed at the different types of people who are looking for the same goal which is to get moving and get healthier! Everyone is at a different stage in this journey but the common thread is that we are all lacing up our runners and heading out the door.

The first night was last Monday.. I of course was sick, feverish and generally not feeling so good.. but I went to the intro chat and declined the run. You know what it's like when you can literally feel the colour leave your face. Yup that was me..

My next run time was Wednesday.. my schedule said run 6K. WOW. Run 6K already? In my 5K clinic? Well I had faith in my leaders and I headed out.. it wasn't pretty and I was disappointed because I only ran 5K cutting off a 1K loop I had planned (side note: It is exactly 5K from the pergola on Sunset just past Waterscapes to the bridge and back) I managed to stumble in the door, the only thing on my mind was a BIG glass of water and weather or not I would be able to stand in the shower.

*ring* *ring*

Amazing. I am in the door all of 30 seconds and all ready my cell phone ringth. It was a text message from one of the run leaders Melissa.. reminding me of the 6K walk we had to do today!

Wait.. let me read that again... WALK!

Well crap.

Another message followed inviting me to join her and another run clinic member to go on a 6K walk on the greenway with our dogs.

What the heck.

Off I went!

Wednesday I managed to do 11K. I hope that makes up for Monday..

Saturday morning I joined the group for our 35 minutes.. 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. yes I was at the back of the pack.

I am SO slow.

But I had one of those lovely paradigm shifts! You see, as the person at the back I take it upon myself to make sure the backpackers are aware of when we should be running and walking and to shout encouragement when it looks like someone is about to throw in the towel..and at the end of the run one voice rang out "Susan, I want you to be my coach all the time you're great!"

No longer did I feel like the snail at the back.. the last in the line.. the slowest of the slow. I felt like I was making a difference and slow foot after slow foot I still managed to help someone else have a better day and do more than they thought they could.

What a truly wonderful feeling.

Once I could breathe again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Review! Sweeney Todd; The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I have written and rewritten this review numerous times. Why? I think it’s because I am trying to write a review the way I think it’s “supposed” to be done. Since when do I do things the way they are “supposed” to be done. What was I thinking?!?

New approach.. Basically I am going to write, what I would tell you if you asked in general conversation.

Here goes:

You: So Susan, what did you think of Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?

Me: It was great!

You: Do you think I should check it out?

Me: Totally!

You: What is it about?

Me: You never saw the movie?

You: No.

Me: Ok. Basic story... wait.. if I tell you the basic story that would be a bit of a spoiler. Hmm.. It’s a story that takes place in London a long time ago, a guy gets set away and comes back really cranky, but he retakes up his profession as a barber, mostly to get revenge on the judge that sent him away and stole his girl. Things get a bit strange..

You: and..

Me: It was really fabulous.. dark.. but oddly funny.

You: Funny?

Me: Yup funny. You have to see it to understand. Do you like meat pies?

You: Yeah.. why?

me: You might not when it’s done..

You: What?

Me: Nevermind.. the singing is great.. You will really like the two leads! Neville Bowman was stellar as Sweeney and Kelly Whelan as Nellie Lovett was outstanding, fun, dark, zany and totally believable. I also really liked Darren Scuffi as the judges “henchman”, and Mark Wells as Pirelli!

You: You know if we were “really” having this conversation you would never remember everyone's names..

Me: Whatever. I have to say the person who really left an impression was Twyla Spittle who played the role of Tobias. I am sure that girl is going to have nightmares for the rest of her life.. she managed; funny, torture and endearment all in one role and did it all exceptionally well!

You: Nightmares?

Me: Just go see it. Oh! As always the sets were OUTSTANDING! I think the sets are always a good sign of the level of performance you are about to see and Kelowna Actors Studio always hits it out of the park! This set was multi leveled and spun around as locations changed.. kudus to Nate Flavel! The concept worked really well. I should also give a shout out to Sonja Janzen who did the costumes, perhaps some of the best I have seen at a KAS performance. (Special mention to Valeh’s leather boustier)

You: Leather?

Me: It’s hot... a la 1800’s British whore.

You: Sounds interesting..

Me: Basically you should most defiantly go and see it, it’s not for kids and it’s certainly not Oklahoma but entertaining through and through. I have seen a lot of shows at KAS and Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is the best “overall” show I have seen, all the pieces went together from sets to costumes to principles to ensemble to lights to props to produce a fabulous evening of entertainment. Outside of one scene, the show held me all the way through which isn’t easy considering I get up so early in the morning!

You: So you have nothing bad to say?

Me: The only draw back for me, is that because the cast and ensemble is so strong when there is a weakness it stands out but those moments are brief and the strength of everything else makes those moments diminish quickly.

You: You went with Steve, what did he think?

Me: Steve.. what did you think?

Steve: The chemistry between Sweeney and Mrs Lovett was amazing, I really liked the story and the dessert was yummy.

Me: Thank you Steve!

You: I have a hunch there might be some deeper theme’s to this production...

Me: Of course, but the great thing is you can look deeper or not and either way you will have a wonderful evening.

You: Have you forgotten anything?

Me: Of course I have, but I can’t forget to salute Director/Producer Randy Leslie, Executive Director Nathan Flavel and Music Director Roslyn Frantz. Well done! Your continued passion brings such wonderful entertainment to Kelowna, I truly appreciate it!

You: So you liked it eh?

Me: Yes!

You: You know I’m just you right? No one else is really here?

Me: Of course I do... Wanna go get some dinner?

You: Sure.. meat pies?

Kelowna Actors Studio is a dinner theatre and dinner was very good.
It was a buffet that consisted of;

Shepard's Pie, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Bow Tie Salad, Spinach Salad, Mixed Greens and dessert at intermission was a cheese cakey kinda chocolate raspberry thing which as Steve pointed out was yummy.

Who: Kelowna Actors Studio
What: Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
When: April 1st - April 25 (Thursday - Sunday evenings / Saturday Matinee)
Contact info:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen ~ Dr. Liz Easterling!

Another member of "Team Susan!" (BTW: How is your team building going?) Dr. Liz will explain what this "Frozen Shoulder" I am always referring to is all about. If you suddenly recognize the symptoms as something you or someone you know is dealing with, please pay a visit to Creative Healing!

Adhesive Capsulitis- Frozen Shoulder

When I first started seeing Susan in spring of 2009, she had been suffering with a hugely annoying and painful shoulder problem for several months already. She had been seeing Kyla Feddersen, our fabulous massage therapist for a few weeks and figured she should try some Chiropractic treatment in addition, Susan had been planning a triathlon summer/fall of 2009 but swimming had become too painful. In fact, even getting a swimsuit on due to the pain was an ordeal, let alone to actually swim!

Upon examination I immediately recognized her shoulder condition as Adhesive Capsulitis - or Frozen Shoulder. As the name implies, the shoulder is usually painful for several weeks or months, and then gradually begins to stiffen, the range of motion is lost and the shoulder quite literally “freezes up”. Anybody who has suffered with Frozen shoulder can attest to the difficulties it can present in everyday life. Drying your hair, doing a bra-strap, reaching for a seatbelt and putting on a jacket can suddenly become a challenge. Also, the pain is often worse at night, so sleeping can likely become a nightmare!

The causes of Frozen Shoulder are thought to include trauma, tumours, radiation treatment and even mental or emotional stress. The term “Idiopathic” is commonly used related to the cause of Frozen Shoulder, a big medical term that means “unknown”! Typically Frozen Shoulders can take between six months to two years or more to resolve, depending on age, severity, the presence of arthritis etc.

It’s a little controversial as to what the best treatment is for Frozen Shoulder, but it is generally agreed that a combination of manipulation, mobilization and exercises seem to work best in terms of results. More aggressive treatment options are injections into the shoulder capsule and surgery. These treatments so carry a higher risk of side-effects or adverse reactions and should be considered after trying a more conservative approach first.

Susan, being Susan and very committed, dedicated and tenacious (aka stubborn!) decided upon the no quick-fix option of conservative care first.

And so the weeks and months of hard work begun, and with it the ups and downs both physically and emotionally. We mobilized and manipulated, stretched and rotated, pulled and pushed, and slowly but surely Susan’s right arm inched it’s way up again. There were certainly days that she needed more than just a little encouragement, but Kudos to Susan, she stuck with it and the sweat equity paid off!

A big turning point was in January 2010 when Susan started working with a personal trainer at Twist Kelowna, and really stepped up her training schedule. All of a sudden there was weekly progress, and although Susan’s shoulder still remains sore, her range of motions is up around 80%. She is now swimming, (a little lopsided perhaps) and she has resumed straightening her hair, after months of the “au natural look!”

Today, about a year later, Susan is finally thinking about her next triathlon. There is, as the expression goes, light at the end of the tunnel!

For more info you can visit Creative Healing’s website at or call us at 250-868-2010.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Happy Happy!

While working on prep for tomorrows show I came across this article and thought I would share, seems like a great read to start the week!


While some believe happiness is largely determined by a combination of genetics, health and other factors that are largely out of our control, researchers from the University of California, Riverside, have figured out five ways we can take charge of our own happiness -- and in the process actually boost it.

  1. Be grateful -- How to do it: Write a letter of gratitude to someone who has helped you in some way. This can lead to a lasting increase in happiness over weeks or even months. You don't even need to send the letter to reap the reward. Just writing it can make you feel better.
  2. Be optimistic -- How to do it: Visualize your ideal future, whatever that may be. Perhaps you long to find a loving partner or secure a fulfilling and challenging job. Imagine all the details and write them in a journal.
  3. Count your blessings -- How to do it: Every week, write down three good things that have happened to you. By focusing on the positive, you'll remember reasons to be happy.
  4. Use your strengths -- How to do it: Identify your greatest personal strengths and then try to use them in new ways.
  5. Commit acts of kindness -- How to do it: Donate your time or money to a charity and you'll not only help others, but also yourself. People who give to others report a boost in their own happiness.
I'm going to add a number 6.. I find watching this video, or listening to the song also always seems to pick up my spirits. It's one of those tracks that should drive me nuts.. but it doesn't!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The week ahead...

I'm working on a plan to make sure the blog stays up to date! Deadlines can really help. If you notice I am falling behind feel free to drop me a line and deliver a kick to the butt!

Post this week will include:

A review of the latest show at Kelowna Actors Studio "Sweeny Todd"

Why it's time to stop "connecting" the dots and become the dot!

Meet Dr. Liz! My chiropractor will explain what frozen shoulder is all about and my journey through it.

How and why to keep an emotional scratch pad.

Why haven't I posted any of these blogs today? Because I spent the afternoon finishing the book; "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.

What a wonderful read!

The author shares a story about poverty, growth, love, family and abuse which will engulf you until the last page. For me one of the most powerful chapters comes late in the book when Jeannette is confronted by a professor who asks her what she really knows about the life of the underprivileged? The truth, that she didn't share, was that she knew more than probably anyone else sitting on that class. It reminded me that everyone has a story and we spend far too much time making judgments on people, people begging on the streets, people getting plastic surgery, people wearing the wrong clothes. We all pass judgements and we so rarely know all facts. We build ourselves up by putting others down. It's a hard habit to break, it's one I struggle with everyday. "The Glass Castle" offers many lessons and much insight but for me it was a reminder that the person that asks you for change or the one you see digging through the garbage has a story, and that story might be far different than you can imagine. I will continue to fight against my preconceived notions that lead to judgments of others, be it superstars or the local homeless, please join in me the struggle.

Putting forth a positive energy like this on mass will truly make a difference that will be felt around the world.