Friday, April 2, 2010

The week ahead...

I'm working on a plan to make sure the blog stays up to date! Deadlines can really help. If you notice I am falling behind feel free to drop me a line and deliver a kick to the butt!

Post this week will include:

A review of the latest show at Kelowna Actors Studio "Sweeny Todd"

Why it's time to stop "connecting" the dots and become the dot!

Meet Dr. Liz! My chiropractor will explain what frozen shoulder is all about and my journey through it.

How and why to keep an emotional scratch pad.

Why haven't I posted any of these blogs today? Because I spent the afternoon finishing the book; "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.

What a wonderful read!

The author shares a story about poverty, growth, love, family and abuse which will engulf you until the last page. For me one of the most powerful chapters comes late in the book when Jeannette is confronted by a professor who asks her what she really knows about the life of the underprivileged? The truth, that she didn't share, was that she knew more than probably anyone else sitting on that class. It reminded me that everyone has a story and we spend far too much time making judgments on people, people begging on the streets, people getting plastic surgery, people wearing the wrong clothes. We all pass judgements and we so rarely know all facts. We build ourselves up by putting others down. It's a hard habit to break, it's one I struggle with everyday. "The Glass Castle" offers many lessons and much insight but for me it was a reminder that the person that asks you for change or the one you see digging through the garbage has a story, and that story might be far different than you can imagine. I will continue to fight against my preconceived notions that lead to judgments of others, be it superstars or the local homeless, please join in me the struggle.

Putting forth a positive energy like this on mass will truly make a difference that will be felt around the world.

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