Saturday, March 21, 2009

Puppy love

Blessings come in so many different ways. I am a lucky girl because I have so many of them.

Two of the blessings in my life are my "fur kids" Barkley and Shillaleigh. Barkley is a malamute cross and Shillaleigh is a terrier cross. I love my dogs. It's hard to explain the joy that the pups bring me. I don't have "easy" dogs. Barkley is older and fiercely independent and while generally very passive he is a thinker and decides when and if he will do something. Shillaleigh is the baby, full of energy and love, she wants to be loved and played with and the centre of attention at all times. Shillaleigh was also a rescue which has come with an issue, she doesn't like many other dogs. She tolerates Barkley. Barkley is the closest friend she has with 4 legs but on occasion (like if Barkley has the crazy idea to come into the house) she will rip off his ears. So in our busy world the dogs continue to be a work in progress and do take up plenty of time. I will give it to them, because my heart belongs to those little family members. But with a busy life and demanding jobs you begin to appreciate the services that are available.

I want to introduce you to "Team Canine"

The Spotted Spa - Aunt Shelia and the crew are the kennel of all kennels! Room for my dogs to run, day camp or overnight stays, she does it all... plus she understands that one of my pups is "special needs" and makes sure that she has fun.. and the other dogs stay safe. Here is more info:

Doggytopia - I use this place for the "do-it-yourself" bath. With two very hairy canines I can't afford to go to a groomer, and the groomer I love retired.. so I use these facilities to keep my dogs clean. AGAIN a great owner makes sure that the room is suitable for my little one that doesn't always play well with others. Here is more info: http://

Pawpular Pooch - This is a WONDERFUL doggy place.. little jackets, collars and the best of the best food. Shillalleigh has allergies.. and we do EVERYTHING we can to keep her in a good mood. So we have raw food for her that is dehydrated so we just add water, wait 20 minutes and serve - PERFECT! Plus Barks is a tad "big boned" so food that keeps his weight under control is there to! It also happens to be the best place to find presents for dogs and owners alike!

Copper Boppers - My poop angel. Seriously.. they come and pick up the dog crap in my yard!!! Professional, fast, easy.. PERFECT!!! Check it out here:

While I am introducing you to a wonderful bunch of businesses that keep my family in good shape what I want you to take away from this is the team philosophy. You don't have to do it all yourself, you deserve a team. The only way I can have the joy in my life that comes from my dogs is to have a team of people, it is a balancing act because of finances but take a hard look at the time, love and peace that comes from the investment and determine if it's worth it. I don't utilize all of my team all the time, because I can't afford it.. but when push comes to shove I know that hey are all there and I can use there services to make my life easier - which bring alot of peace when times get tough, busy or full of unexpected surprises.

Could something in your life bring you great or more joy if you had resources or systems in place? Start looking at building your own team. You deserve it!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adventure!! This will be a blast!

Life is an ADVENTURE.. OK it doesn’t always feel that way so YOU need to take steps to keep the fun, adventure and spirit in your life. What else do you need? Well add charity to the list and get involved with the Urban Adventure Challenge! I wish I could but I will be giving away a car lease to someone as part of SUN FX :( Seriously this is as close most of us will ever get to The Amazing Race!

Here is the info Ryan Watters passed along to me:

JCI Okanagan presents the fourth annual Urban Adventure Challenge (UAC) on Saturday April 25. The UAC is based around the reality television series “The Amazing Race.” Teams of two travel through Kelowna by foot or city transit to complete a series of challenges that test the Mind, Body and Spirit. The UAC is a charity event to help raise funds for the Kelowna Community Food Bank and JCI Okanagan, while at the same time the chance to win some outstanding prizes.

The UAC promotes fitness and the aspect of “Go Green” as teams must be prepared mentally and physically to complete the race by using their feet or city transit. Registration for the Challenge is on now at Deadline for teams is April 15, 2009.

It is a fund raiser for the Kelowna Community Food Bank’s Tiny Bundles program which is a non-government funded program that supports pregnant Mothers and families with babies under one year. Participants of the Tiny Bundles program, categorized into pre-natal, newborn and post-natal, receive monthly hampers, gift certificates for baby supplies and weekly nutritional supplements, milk, eggs produce and fruit.

There are a number of ways you can help this event; 1) Become a Partner; 2) Participate - find a friend to join you and pick up your pledge forms on the website ( under the “Register” tab; 3) Challenge your colleagues and friends; 4) Volunteer; 5) Donate prizes; 6) Pass this email on to others who might be interested... You will be glad you did.

This year's race has taken a new direction, new attitude and full of new Challenges.

For more information email -

JCI Okanagan is a non-profit, leadership organization that empowers individuals to achieve personal fulfillment and professional development within the community. JCI Okanagan’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people of develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Swim - Ride - Run & Turn 40!

OK I can no longer complain about the house fire.. OK just a titch because insurance hasn't paid us back yet and things are a touch tight.. but other than that it's life back to normal.. sooo.. lets complain about the weather!

It's amazing. The last couple of years I have run threw the winter no trouble at all. NOT this year. My get up and go has said NO to the chilly temps. Has it been all that colder than last year.. not really.. but once you give in to that inner wimp you are doomed!

Doomed no longer am I!

I am a women with goals! We will focus on the sporty goals this time.

The Oliver Olympic Triathlon is coming up fast, race date: May 24.. (Yes I know the Queens birthday and if we don't get a holiday we will all run away)

I need help.

One of the most wonderful things about being a problem solver or dare I say solution seeker I know what to do! For a change I will even do it! I am going to take my slightly tubbier than wanted body to Fresh Air Experience and sign up for the upcoming Tri clinic that is geared towards doing the Oliver Triathlon or Oliver Half Iron. Yes I will.. and I will do it full out! Why? Because I mentioned to the trainer of said clinic that I don't really have any idea what "full out" means.

I am the queen of consistency..

I always have something in reserve "just in case" need a plan B, C or D I am your gal! Well not this year. This year I am seeking help.. not to finish, but to Finnish as fast as I can do it. Lord knows that won't be breaking any new land speed records but it does mean that for perhaps the first time in my life I will push past that trap door that says "IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES ONLY"

Why Not?

This is my 40th year. A year that sings of rebirth and celebration of everything I have becoming to this point. The ground work has been laid and I am ready to test it.

Excited? You bet!!

Here's the deets on the clinic:

Start date: March 25
Race Date: May 24 or June 7 (half ironman)

Wednesdays @ 6pm, Saturdays @ 8am.

All levels welcome - Sprint to Half Iron distances covered
Cost -$130 for Sprint/Olympic, $180 for Half Iron

All disciplines covered - technique correction as well.

Info and sign up at Fresh Air Experience (Harvey behind Wendy's)