Monday, March 9, 2009

Swim - Ride - Run & Turn 40!

OK I can no longer complain about the house fire.. OK just a titch because insurance hasn't paid us back yet and things are a touch tight.. but other than that it's life back to normal.. sooo.. lets complain about the weather!

It's amazing. The last couple of years I have run threw the winter no trouble at all. NOT this year. My get up and go has said NO to the chilly temps. Has it been all that colder than last year.. not really.. but once you give in to that inner wimp you are doomed!

Doomed no longer am I!

I am a women with goals! We will focus on the sporty goals this time.

The Oliver Olympic Triathlon is coming up fast, race date: May 24.. (Yes I know the Queens birthday and if we don't get a holiday we will all run away)

I need help.

One of the most wonderful things about being a problem solver or dare I say solution seeker I know what to do! For a change I will even do it! I am going to take my slightly tubbier than wanted body to Fresh Air Experience and sign up for the upcoming Tri clinic that is geared towards doing the Oliver Triathlon or Oliver Half Iron. Yes I will.. and I will do it full out! Why? Because I mentioned to the trainer of said clinic that I don't really have any idea what "full out" means.

I am the queen of consistency..

I always have something in reserve "just in case" need a plan B, C or D I am your gal! Well not this year. This year I am seeking help.. not to finish, but to Finnish as fast as I can do it. Lord knows that won't be breaking any new land speed records but it does mean that for perhaps the first time in my life I will push past that trap door that says "IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES ONLY"

Why Not?

This is my 40th year. A year that sings of rebirth and celebration of everything I have becoming to this point. The ground work has been laid and I am ready to test it.

Excited? You bet!!

Here's the deets on the clinic:

Start date: March 25
Race Date: May 24 or June 7 (half ironman)

Wednesdays @ 6pm, Saturdays @ 8am.

All levels welcome - Sprint to Half Iron distances covered
Cost -$130 for Sprint/Olympic, $180 for Half Iron

All disciplines covered - technique correction as well.

Info and sign up at Fresh Air Experience (Harvey behind Wendy's)

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