Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bugs and Peanut Butter

Yesterday was an exciting day on the radio.. first a phrase that shall remain nameless was dropped on air.. entirely my fault and it was a doozy.. but I will not tell that tale here, just in case the boss is a lurker.. but I have another story!

We do a feature called the "Water Cooler Quiz," it's fun trivia that we hope people can answer to win a prize. Yesterdays question was ...The US Food and Drug administration says there can be no more than 145 of theses in a jar of peanut butter. The Answer: There may be no more that 145 bug parts in a jar of peanut butter.

You would of thought we had said rat poison!

I barely heard boo about the obscenity that was dropped.. but bug parts in peanut butter!! I had a father leave a message on my voice mail ripping a strip off of me because his kids were no longer going to eat peanut butter and what was he to make them for lunch? He informed me I had to be more responsible about what came out of my mouth! ( I didn't have the heart to tell him the average chocolate bar has 7 insect legs.) Honestly I did feel a touch bad, based on the panic and unreasonable fury in his voice I would guess it had already been a tough morning - and The Breakfast Club's antics were the straw that broke the camels back. So what to do?

This morning The Breakfast Club ate Peanut Butter on air - straight out of the jar with a spoon!! *SHOCK* Yes we did.. bugs be dammed! Of course we had to do it from the hallway because one of our fellow announcers is highly allergic to peanuts *sigh* he's allergic to just about everything. But we turned up the microphones and ate the peanut butter - it made for some fun radio and hopefully helped a few Mom's & Dad's get the kids eating lunch again!

SK xx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This just smacked of truth..

“We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots.”

I have no idea what the proper ediquitte is in blog land to credit another persons blog.. so just check this out:

I make an effort to stay positive .. always.. but this just smacked of truth!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



I can be a bit of a paradox.. Truth be told once I am in a community tend not to get out of it a ton. Part of that is just the nature of the radio beast, plus I have lived in amazing communities where there is so much to do! My weekend are filled with fun work events, fundraisers, remotes, celebrations in one form or another and when i do get a weekend off I want to get out and do all the fun things my current hometown offers... but I love to travel, near or far nothing is better! Planned, spontaneous, by accident it's fun to go on an adventure! Steve and I plan for New Zealand and the South Pacific in the relatively near future and Europe when we retire (simply because we Europe is more toury and NZ and SP a touch more active!) I could do short road trip a plenty, but the week seems to be short a couple of days to get it all in!

The good news is.. we did finally hit the road. We turned on the radio, sang along and headed over the coquahalla to visit family and friends that are like family. How did we finally manage to take some to to get in a visit. It felt like God sent us a direct message, it went something like this:

knock knock knock.. (the knocking is from the inside of my head) ummm.. Susan.. GO TO VANCOUVER!

Me: I can't


Me: stop yelling


Me: Well, hows that for attitude!


Me: fine.. I guess I don't have any scheduled events this weekend.. the dogs are in daycare and being taken care of already, we can't move into the house on Sunday, and we should test drive the new wheels on the highway (1998 Volvo CX *LOVE*)


Me: Fine. Just let me call Steve.

This all happened on Thursday, as soon as Steve was done work on Friday we were on the road! Lucky for us we have wonderful friends that took us in at a moments notice and included us in already existing plans and it turned out to be out nephews 3rd Birthday party that we were able to attend! Silly us assumed that we would be able to visit all the family in one shot at the party and get in a few more friends (KARLA!!!) but no such luck because after seeing them all at the party we had to follow up with an individual visit for each! Considering how long it had been since lying eyes on the family it was all good!

It was fun visiting friends on short notice, you get to see them in their own element. We all "know" the people we care about, but it's fun to be part of an exciting story and not one that is being written with you in mind.

All and all it was a wonderful weekend away! We came home to our "home" which isn't totally finished but is done enough for the dogs to be joining us at home as of TONIGHT! The family will be whole again :)

sk xx

PS: Please if you are going to complain about something, including other peoples lack of involvement in changing the world make a point of the action YOU are taking, people will respond to you better - you won't come across as just another "do gooder whiner".

Friday, February 13, 2009

How to be that voice

I am blessed with a circle of wonderful family and friends, oddly enough many of them have a belief system that is (on the finer points) polar opposite to mine. When I was younger it was easier.. I was supposed to be, expected to be.. out spoken and passionate about my beliefs! Forgiven if I was head strong and slightly belligerent in what I believed in because I was “young” and I would learn as time went on not only the full picture of what drove my beliefs but also perhaps a better way of presenting my views.

So, time presses on.. here I am at the other side. I have wonderful kids both teens and younger in my life who are passionate about their beliefs, as I am still today about mine. Here’s the quandary.. Many of these beliefs are far more conservative than mine! What?!? I know.. I though it was supposed to be the other way around to. It is pretty dangerous territory when the “child’s” beliefs are more conservative than the adults! I pondered.. and pondered.. and pondered.. I have wanted to say something.. to stand up and say.. hmmmm say what.. your wrong? In my soul that might be what I believe but age has taught me that it’s not always the best approach for the results you might want.

Outside of the superficial “I am right.. because I am right!” what is it that I do want? The pondering has brought me to this, I want people (kids and adults alike) to get the full story. Go outside of your faith, outside of your circle of friends, outside of your comfort zone, get facts and look at them like a scientist. People are bias. We can’t help it! Recognize that on both sides of the story. If the issue is important enough to you, pretend you are in a debate club and you have to fight both sides of the issue with the same passion and research. After that see where you sit on the issue. You might be in the same space, you might not be, but you will be more sensitive and wiser to the other side of the story and that is what will make the world a better place because that growth will make you a better person. We forget that our words have impact young and old, and those words can hurt someone far worse than we ever imagine, that shouldn’t quash what anyone has to say but it should effect how it is said.

I truly wish that the youth in my circle and the world will learn that lesson sooner than I did, because it truly makes a difference. I think I had to learn it because of my job, I do believe that I have a responsibility every time I turn on that microphone to think of every ear and heart that is tuned in.. sometimes I have to make a judgement call and know that I will impact someone adversely but I do try to stay within the parameters that my audience expects. In life, I find it harder. Very very few people get the unguarded Susan opinion (my sister is now rolling her eyes and laughing - stop it Cath!) but it’s true, someone has to know you and trust you very very very much to handle opinion, emotion and views unchecked.

Basically, just make sure that you truly understand all sides of the story not just the facts but also the compassion. You do have an impact - use that power for good!

sk xx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In like a lion out like a lamb.. hopefully!

“In like a lion out like a lamb” that saying might apply to the month of March.. how about 2009? If so December is going to be a great month for us!

I’m having one of those days.. when the slightest thing could set off a wave of tears, it’s not that anything is all that bad, it’s just that a lot of little stuff is happening all at once!
Some of it really good stuff.. so lets do the run down!

We are still in the hotel. BAH! You would think it would be more fun than it really is. The 42 inch plasma TV at the end of the bed is pretty sweet, and I will really miss room service.. but home will be great. The other nice thing is that the staff here is really great, especially Lucky and the rest of the food and beverage crew, they have done so much to make us feel at home! If you haven’t yet I would encourage you to try the restaurant in the hotel “Industry” two thumbs up for the Buttered Chicken!

I was brutally ill Monday night and called in sick Tuesday morning - only the 2nd time I have called in sick since starting here in Kelowna.. I felt really bad for the people in the room next to us! Imagine having to listen to someone throwing up on the room next door! *shudder* I did joke that I now knew what it was to be a rockstar.. sleeping on the bathroom floor and throwing up in a hotel! A rockstars life is not for me!! I am shocked that we have now been out of the house for almost a month!

We have a ton of work stuff on the go.. tomorrow I MC the 2009 Sport Hero awards, Friday we will be “blowing kisses” for Valentines Day on The Breakfast Club, Saturday I MC the Wentworth Music concert, Wednesday it’s all about Healthy Baby Weight with a crazy baby obstacle course as we broadcast from the lobby at SUN FM, Wednesday night we host the on-ice for the Rockets game and Friday back to the lobby for The Breakfast Club as we wrap up the 100 push up campaign! By the time that all wraps up we are one week away from March - which is already booking up fast! This is just the business stuff, never mind the personal stuff such as.. getting our house finished, selling the house, Valentines day, My Mom’s 65th birthday and my 40th! All in the next 6 weeks! *whew*


I GOT THE PART! Once upon a time a long long time ago in a kingdom far far away.. or at least a couple of provinces I thought I would be an actress. For a number of reason I will save for another blog I didn’t travel that route, but it has also been close! It looks like I might take a bit of a wander down that road again. I auditioned for Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre, it seems to have gone well. I will be the mouse from the kids book “Give a Mouse a Cookie” in my case a gluten free cookie but a cookie just the same. This play only has 3 characters.. and me being a fast talking mouse I have PLENTY of lines to learn...

enter stage right: TERROR

Not part of the play, but for sure part of pre production.. did a mention PLENTY of lines? Please, if you have ANY tips on memorizing pass them along! I live in a radio world of reading and improv.. and it never has been my strong suit.. Oh dear Mr. Glossop looking down on me (former drama teacher at ESA that passed away) please HELP!! Play date is May 2nd.. if you have kiddies and want to check it out please get some tickets, it’s also so important that we support theatre and the arts in general in out communities with all the cut backs on the go to keep this very important facet of our world shining bright!!

Also in the world of “performance” I might be doing some “inspirational” work with a women's weekend on the go at Predator Ridge in early March. It still needs to be confirmed but I think I will be tackling your personal “owners manual” and if you don’t have one what should be in it and how to get it done.

I have also been thinking of starting my own business called “When the Sh&t Hits The Fan” Simply put, when you need a solution.. fast.. call me. From advertising dilemmas to personal issues I do seem to be a problem solver.. sometimes a band aid sometimes a cure but either way I often seem to be a source of solutions.. maybe i should market it?? Thoughts?? Let me know!

I’m closing this entry with a “Happy Happy!” This morning on The Breakfast Club we got a call from a lady that was thanking me for my positive and optimistic attitude and that she really appreciated it. That call made me feel really good. A long time ago I made a pledge to myself to stay as positive as possible, I do believe you get what you give. Does it backfire sometimes.. yup. But overall I live a much happier life in even attempting to stay on the bright side!

sk xx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another meme.. reading it? Consider yourself tagged! LOL

Copy & paste into a new note with your answers replacing mine. Then tag a bunch of people for them to continue the trend. Make sure you tag me, too!

Where is your cell phone?.......Sitting beside me waiting to play "My Ding a Ling"
your hair ..........Dark brown the red undertones
Your father? ........Jim
Your favorite thing? ........ fun food gatherings
Your favorite drink? chocolate milkshake
Your dream/goal? ...........25,000 people. one spot light. I'm in it. (Not sure why yet - working on that!)
The room you are in? ......The Green Room! My home away from home :)
Your fear? ......... not living up to my perceived potential
Where do you want to be in 6 years?... where ever life takes me
Muffins? .............gluten free
One of your wish list items?.......size 6 without effort (shallow but true!)
Where you grew up? .......... Mississauga and Oakville Ontario
The last thing you did? ....... ate an egg salad sandwich
What are you wearing?....... jeans, sneakers, brown and pink sweater
Your TV?........... clunky
Your life? .....non stop

Your mood? ........ happy but stressed
Missing someone?........ my sister
Your car?...... currently a 2008 Volvo.. soon to be a 1998 volvo
Favorite store?..... anything specialized.. hate BIG stores
Your summer? ......Swim, bike ,run, repeat... than wake surf!!!
Your pets? .......Barkley and Shillaleigh our dogs!
Your computer? ...MacBook Pro! *love*

Favorite color?....depends on mood
When is the last time you laughed? ...... this morning with Dan at work
Last time you cried? ....... yesterday - i cry easy
Three people who email me? .... Melissa, Dan, Cliff
Three of my favorite foods? .........Sushi, mac and cheese, POTATOES!
Three places I would rather be right now? ..... South pacific, Home, behind boat
Three people I think will respond? ....hmmm not a clue!

I think I am close to the edge.. I thinkI'm going to lose my head..

Hotel living can you kick you in the pants.

I am SHOCKED at how on edge I am. I deal with crap well. I rend to roll with the drama of life at a pretty good pace! It seems that I am pushing that ball up hill at the moment and every so often it rolls over me and I have to run after it and throw my body in front of it to try to get it to stop, so I can start pushing again. Do I think at some point that ball will roll on top of me and balance upon my chest and not allow me to get back up? No. As a matter of fact; HELL NO! This is just life. No one is out to get me, the bigger blueprint of my life isn't filled with despair and doubt, and I'm just not important enough to be the target of anybodies conspiracy theory! Bigger picture all is very very very good.. but little picture.. this SUCKS!

Steve and I are still in a hotel, and the dogs are at day care. No one seems able to answer my questions fast enough, get work done fast enough or even give me a flipping time line so I don't feel like I am in limbo! I'm confused. The longer we are at a hotel the more it costs, why not get us out ASAP? Admittedly I am a touch of a control freak, so my real issues are that I just don't know what is going on and can't fix it myself.

Than I pile the rest on.. The reno still isn't done (outside of fire damaged stuff), my rec room and downstairs bedroom are still highly unorganized and a jumbled mess, money is tight as we try to get it all done and our new place that was supposed to be done in August 2009 won't be done till March 2010. Breath 1.. 2.. 3...

Ok GOOD NEWS! It looks like we have sold our place (once his finance are worked out!) The guy that is tentatively buying it is great! It feels so good to know that that house is being passed on to someone that will not only gain financially because of the location etc but will also love it because of the lifestyle it offers! Other good news.. The Breakfast Club is going to do a live show at Big White tomorrow morning, which means Steve and I will be on the mountain tonight and tomorrow night and we get to play!!! Snowshoeing, tubing, snowmobiling, snolimo etc.. woo hooo.. we need it so it will be so lovely to be in a hotel.. and using it the way it should be!! Some other fun plans are also underway at work.. we shall see which ones pan out and I will update you soon!

sk xx