Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think I am close to the edge.. I thinkI'm going to lose my head..

Hotel living can you kick you in the pants.

I am SHOCKED at how on edge I am. I deal with crap well. I rend to roll with the drama of life at a pretty good pace! It seems that I am pushing that ball up hill at the moment and every so often it rolls over me and I have to run after it and throw my body in front of it to try to get it to stop, so I can start pushing again. Do I think at some point that ball will roll on top of me and balance upon my chest and not allow me to get back up? No. As a matter of fact; HELL NO! This is just life. No one is out to get me, the bigger blueprint of my life isn't filled with despair and doubt, and I'm just not important enough to be the target of anybodies conspiracy theory! Bigger picture all is very very very good.. but little picture.. this SUCKS!

Steve and I are still in a hotel, and the dogs are at day care. No one seems able to answer my questions fast enough, get work done fast enough or even give me a flipping time line so I don't feel like I am in limbo! I'm confused. The longer we are at a hotel the more it costs, why not get us out ASAP? Admittedly I am a touch of a control freak, so my real issues are that I just don't know what is going on and can't fix it myself.

Than I pile the rest on.. The reno still isn't done (outside of fire damaged stuff), my rec room and downstairs bedroom are still highly unorganized and a jumbled mess, money is tight as we try to get it all done and our new place that was supposed to be done in August 2009 won't be done till March 2010. Breath 1.. 2.. 3...

Ok GOOD NEWS! It looks like we have sold our place (once his finance are worked out!) The guy that is tentatively buying it is great! It feels so good to know that that house is being passed on to someone that will not only gain financially because of the location etc but will also love it because of the lifestyle it offers! Other good news.. The Breakfast Club is going to do a live show at Big White tomorrow morning, which means Steve and I will be on the mountain tonight and tomorrow night and we get to play!!! Snowshoeing, tubing, snowmobiling, snolimo etc.. woo hooo.. we need it so it will be so lovely to be in a hotel.. and using it the way it should be!! Some other fun plans are also underway at work.. we shall see which ones pan out and I will update you soon!

sk xx

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