Tuesday, February 24, 2009



I can be a bit of a paradox.. Truth be told once I am in a community tend not to get out of it a ton. Part of that is just the nature of the radio beast, plus I have lived in amazing communities where there is so much to do! My weekend are filled with fun work events, fundraisers, remotes, celebrations in one form or another and when i do get a weekend off I want to get out and do all the fun things my current hometown offers... but I love to travel, near or far nothing is better! Planned, spontaneous, by accident it's fun to go on an adventure! Steve and I plan for New Zealand and the South Pacific in the relatively near future and Europe when we retire (simply because we Europe is more toury and NZ and SP a touch more active!) I could do short road trip a plenty, but the week seems to be short a couple of days to get it all in!

The good news is.. we did finally hit the road. We turned on the radio, sang along and headed over the coquahalla to visit family and friends that are like family. How did we finally manage to take some to to get in a visit. It felt like God sent us a direct message, it went something like this:

knock knock knock.. (the knocking is from the inside of my head) ummm.. Susan.. GO TO VANCOUVER!

Me: I can't


Me: stop yelling


Me: Well, hows that for attitude!


Me: fine.. I guess I don't have any scheduled events this weekend.. the dogs are in daycare and being taken care of already, we can't move into the house on Sunday, and we should test drive the new wheels on the highway (1998 Volvo CX *LOVE*)


Me: Fine. Just let me call Steve.

This all happened on Thursday, as soon as Steve was done work on Friday we were on the road! Lucky for us we have wonderful friends that took us in at a moments notice and included us in already existing plans and it turned out to be out nephews 3rd Birthday party that we were able to attend! Silly us assumed that we would be able to visit all the family in one shot at the party and get in a few more friends (KARLA!!!) but no such luck because after seeing them all at the party we had to follow up with an individual visit for each! Considering how long it had been since lying eyes on the family it was all good!

It was fun visiting friends on short notice, you get to see them in their own element. We all "know" the people we care about, but it's fun to be part of an exciting story and not one that is being written with you in mind.

All and all it was a wonderful weekend away! We came home to our "home" which isn't totally finished but is done enough for the dogs to be joining us at home as of TONIGHT! The family will be whole again :)

sk xx

PS: Please if you are going to complain about something, including other peoples lack of involvement in changing the world make a point of the action YOU are taking, people will respond to you better - you won't come across as just another "do gooder whiner".

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The Weckstroms said...

I'm glad you were able to make the trip down here - it was great to see you both again! Hopefully we can see you again soon...I guess it's our turn to do the road trip thing :)
I'm also happy to hear that your entire family is back home!
Take care,
C & Family