Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In like a lion out like a lamb.. hopefully!

“In like a lion out like a lamb” that saying might apply to the month of March.. how about 2009? If so December is going to be a great month for us!

I’m having one of those days.. when the slightest thing could set off a wave of tears, it’s not that anything is all that bad, it’s just that a lot of little stuff is happening all at once!
Some of it really good stuff.. so lets do the run down!

We are still in the hotel. BAH! You would think it would be more fun than it really is. The 42 inch plasma TV at the end of the bed is pretty sweet, and I will really miss room service.. but home will be great. The other nice thing is that the staff here is really great, especially Lucky and the rest of the food and beverage crew, they have done so much to make us feel at home! If you haven’t yet I would encourage you to try the restaurant in the hotel “Industry” two thumbs up for the Buttered Chicken!

I was brutally ill Monday night and called in sick Tuesday morning - only the 2nd time I have called in sick since starting here in Kelowna.. I felt really bad for the people in the room next to us! Imagine having to listen to someone throwing up on the room next door! *shudder* I did joke that I now knew what it was to be a rockstar.. sleeping on the bathroom floor and throwing up in a hotel! A rockstars life is not for me!! I am shocked that we have now been out of the house for almost a month!

We have a ton of work stuff on the go.. tomorrow I MC the 2009 Sport Hero awards, Friday we will be “blowing kisses” for Valentines Day on The Breakfast Club, Saturday I MC the Wentworth Music concert, Wednesday it’s all about Healthy Baby Weight with a crazy baby obstacle course as we broadcast from the lobby at SUN FM, Wednesday night we host the on-ice for the Rockets game and Friday back to the lobby for The Breakfast Club as we wrap up the 100 push up campaign! By the time that all wraps up we are one week away from March - which is already booking up fast! This is just the business stuff, never mind the personal stuff such as.. getting our house finished, selling the house, Valentines day, My Mom’s 65th birthday and my 40th! All in the next 6 weeks! *whew*


I GOT THE PART! Once upon a time a long long time ago in a kingdom far far away.. or at least a couple of provinces I thought I would be an actress. For a number of reason I will save for another blog I didn’t travel that route, but it has also been close! It looks like I might take a bit of a wander down that road again. I auditioned for Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre, it seems to have gone well. I will be the mouse from the kids book “Give a Mouse a Cookie” in my case a gluten free cookie but a cookie just the same. This play only has 3 characters.. and me being a fast talking mouse I have PLENTY of lines to learn...

enter stage right: TERROR

Not part of the play, but for sure part of pre production.. did a mention PLENTY of lines? Please, if you have ANY tips on memorizing pass them along! I live in a radio world of reading and improv.. and it never has been my strong suit.. Oh dear Mr. Glossop looking down on me (former drama teacher at ESA that passed away) please HELP!! Play date is May 2nd.. if you have kiddies and want to check it out please get some tickets, it’s also so important that we support theatre and the arts in general in out communities with all the cut backs on the go to keep this very important facet of our world shining bright!!

Also in the world of “performance” I might be doing some “inspirational” work with a women's weekend on the go at Predator Ridge in early March. It still needs to be confirmed but I think I will be tackling your personal “owners manual” and if you don’t have one what should be in it and how to get it done.

I have also been thinking of starting my own business called “When the Sh&t Hits The Fan” Simply put, when you need a solution.. fast.. call me. From advertising dilemmas to personal issues I do seem to be a problem solver.. sometimes a band aid sometimes a cure but either way I often seem to be a source of solutions.. maybe i should market it?? Thoughts?? Let me know!

I’m closing this entry with a “Happy Happy!” This morning on The Breakfast Club we got a call from a lady that was thanking me for my positive and optimistic attitude and that she really appreciated it. That call made me feel really good. A long time ago I made a pledge to myself to stay as positive as possible, I do believe you get what you give. Does it backfire sometimes.. yup. But overall I live a much happier life in even attempting to stay on the bright side!

sk xx


Blondewithbrains said...

Congrats on your part in the play! :)

Susan Knight said...

I am REALLY excited!!Thanks!