Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Grief how many buses need stuffing?

A BIG thank you to all who came out to "Stuff a Bus" for the KGM on the weekend! Good work! Please if you can drop off a package of clean socks to the Gospel Mission or shelter closest to you. I learned that the homeless often have to deal with "street feet" basically due to the wet and cold their feet can rot out from under them. Simply horrible. You can make a difference.. it's pretty straight forward. Go to local department store. Buy socks. Donate socks. Done. Can you imagine? Horrible. Boots are also needed. Another good point to remember is that when you live on the street to stay warm and dry you dress in layers, so if you are pondering what size to give (while anything is appreciated) bigger is better! More info on giving to the Kelowna Gospel Mission at

Now .. another bus is being stuffed! All week SUN FM is "Stuffing a Bus" for the foodbank! Dan and I are on location all week long. This morning we were at Mr. Lube.. OK we were supposed to be! Technology can be a huge PAIN to say the least!!! With the reno's happening at the radio station we think one of the antennas was amuck and the signals weren't connecting.. my hunch is an engineer would correct me.. but that's what I understood from the explanation! So we had to go back to the studio.. but tomorrow we will be at Kelowna Hyundai - look for the snazzy new building on 97. I hear if you donate 35 bucks worth you get a free oil change - NICE!

BTW: Recently we were talking about respect and how you know if you are getting it. My thought on this. Respect is in the details. When the little things are taken care of, when actions are followed completely threw (much like a good golf swing!) that is a sure sign of respect. If you feel the details are not being taken care of around you the question is: is it because you don't currently deserve the respect? Check the mirror and think about it. It could also be that you do deserve the respect, but for whatever reason the person in question is unable to give it to you because of personal failings of theirs that you have no control over. One of those options you can do something about.. the other perhaps not, but at least you can stand on a firm foundation of knowledge that will help you make rational decisions when you feel like ripping someones face off.. and 1,2,3, breathhhhhhhhh...


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