Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow anyone?

I have written about 5 blogs in the last week. I finally have the time to get them down and.... Nothing.. really nothing.. not even a bad joke. I blame the snow. Seems like the thing to do!

The main topic of conversation this week has been the crazy weather.. we have feet of snow which seems to have all arrived over about 72 hours.. with it wicked cold temps! Lots of complaining, including me one morning when the heat was busted at work and at 5AM I was working at 5 degrees.. ergh. It did get warmer, but not till about 7am. Just imagine if you had no escape.. which brings me to this: I challenged everyone that every time someone complained about the cold to donate a pair of socks to The Gospel Misson or a homeless shelter of your choice. How many socks got donated? No idea, but if it helped remind people of what was happening outside of their warm beds and closed doors it will have helped.


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Brenda said...

You are a very good writer with thoughtful and interesting comments.