Monday, July 6, 2009

Body Geometric Fit - sounds fancy!

My work continues to get ready to start training for the half iron next summer.

Seriously it has been a crap load of work to just get ready to get ready!

Frozen Shoulder: The Creative Healing team is working on this one a combination of massage and chiropractic care along with exercises at home and some electrical stuff is all being applied. It does still hurt, sometimes I feel like it’s getting worse! But I think I have more mobility and just also seem to have more pain as the scar tissue etc breaks up.

Heart: Good news further to wearing the heart halter for a day I had a TON of blood work done and it all came back FABULOUS! yes my doctor used the works FABULOUS! Always nice.. but if cholesterol etc is all good.. what the blazes is going on?!? I have a date with a cardiologist and that will be explored. The doctor gave the go ahead on my training because monitoring of my heart plays such an important role in the philosophy behind the training with Chris Willett and ATP Endurance Coaching. Really when my zone is between 110 and 120 bpm on the bike and 120 and 130 bpm running.. my heart shouldn't be throwing a hissy fit of any nature.

Swim: I am watching from the beach until I get this shoulder moving, I am thinking about doing some flutter board work at the pool just because I like being in the water!

Bike: This is kinda neat! I had my bike properly fitted. I am not talking about the usual bike fitting at your local bike shop, I am talking something much more in-depth! Your flexibility is checked out, length of legs, what part of leg is longer, how your ankles bend, what your feet do when you push, your strength and weaknesses and then your bike is set for you.. and just for you! My seat was moved forward and tilted up, my handle bars were lowered and my tri bars tiled up. I also now have some lifts in my shoes, 2 on one side and 1 on the other. It took a good hour to get it all done, and it was pretty intimidating to have all these “expert” cycle dudes analyzing what I was doing on my bike.. I felt VERY uncoordinated and self conscience! But I noticed a difference on the ride home! I do have more power and felt like I had more room on my bike! One of my complaints had been I always feel to scrunched up on my bike.

I had an interesting conversation with the crew at Fresh Air Concepts about the fact that too many people let the intimidation factor get ion the way. It feels like a fitting like this is for the hard core elite athlete.

Sure it is.

But it is also for you and I, as a matter of fact it makes more sense to get it done early in your cycling life! Start right!! It will be adjusted as your skill level and body changes but why not start in the best possible way? You will have a better experience and in turn be more motivate to ride ride ride! I have found that cycling at a beginner level tough, every one seems so much faster and the clinics always seem to be for a higher fitness level than what I have.. but this bike fitting gives you the opportunity to get a better grasp of form, fitness, and the mechanics of your bike!

Book yourself an appointment TODAY at Fresh Air Concepts - which I think is the only place in town that does it! Ask for a “Body Geometric Fit.” Now.. you might find it a touch intimidating.. just take a deep breath, let Chris, Jim, Olaf or whoever is doing your fit know that you are feeling self conscious and go for it! Please leave me a note if you get it done and let me know how it goes - maybe we can go for a ride together one day!

Run: Still not moving too fast.. but now that I have more heart info back I can put together a plan and get moving!

Also on the go.. Dan is on holidays so I am running The Breakfast Club on my own - Lots of Fun and Steve and I are shooting a pilot of a reality TV show !! Plus Thursday night I MC the opening night of The Producers at Kelowna Actors Studio.. get your tickets now it will be a GREAT fun show! It opens Thursday and runs till early August.


Picsie Chick said...

Wow! That really is taking fit to a higher level! Sounds intriguing! Does Martin do that one, too, or just the guys you mentioned?

I just bought pedals with a longer axel, putting my feet further apart. Instantly removed foot and SI joint pain! Yahoo! Then I put aerobars on and now my shoulder is tender. C'est la vie!

And, hey, I'd love to go for a ride with you sometime. :-) Riding is good!

Stay motivated. Keep blogging it so we can keep following. It's really inspiring for me.

After doing the bike leg in a sprint tri this weekend, I'm intrigued by the whole triathlon concept. I don't like swimming or running....but do I want to try a sprint on my own next year anyway? hmmmmmm

Hugs and butterflies,

Susan Knight said...

Thank you!! It's so great to get feedback! Once my heart stuff is a touch more figured out I would love to go for a ride!

GO for it with the tri! I highly suggest doing a clinic.. but why not give it a shot!

I'm not sure if Martin is, but I would think so.. isn't he great! :)

I know that they are doing it at the concept store.. don't think it's at the experience one due to room issues!

Susan Knight said...

OK SUPER COOL!! I just saw an ad during Tour De France for the Bike fitting I got done! Now I am really feeling like a hot shot!