Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Canada!

The shoulder is still frozen and the tears are not dry yet from saying good bye to Shillaleigh but I am Canadian and celebrate I must!

Canada Day is a holiday that makes me grin. We have such a silly nature, full of laughter and heart. Try as we might to wave our flag and send fireworks into the air it always pales in comparison to the loudly patriot nation next door.

But I love every minute of it.

As a country we are still striving to sing our own praises from the top of the parliament buildings and around the world, we would rather have other country’s speak of how great we are, so we can politely say thank you and determine how we could do it better next time.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel, and it is my travels that reinforced how truly wonderful it is to be Canadian. Other nations would open doors just a bit wider and go that one step further to make sure I felt welcome and comfortable simple because I am Canadian! What a thrill to realize that I came from such a respected land! A place know for peacekeeping, a land that nurtures laughter and who’s beauty is captured by artists around the world and hung at acclaimed galleries!

At one time in my life I had the feeling that we were looked down on as a nation of wimps constantly in a sate of identity crisis.

Not any more.

We are a strong people. We stand up for the underdog and will fight for our friends. We have the strength to question who we are, why we behave as we do and question if our choices are correct. Our Patriotic spirit might be quieter than other nations, but it is strong and like iron when called upon.

Our country is varied from coast to coast. Sometimes we are not very nice to each other, sometimes our provinces feel like foreign countries because of our celebrated differences. But we live in a country strong enough to hold together when cultures collide and struggle to find away to bring ourselves together as one nation, one nation that is made up of so many cultures, attitudes, and customs.

Yesterday I made a comment that one day I would like to be bored with arrogance rather than annoyed by it. I think that comment can be reflected in our country. A country that pushes boundaries of tolerance and understanding, a country that readjusts it’s personal boundaries so we can all thrive together within our geographical one.

It is so very exciting!

A maturing changing people in a land with vast resources and beauty fitting into an ever shrinking global community. What an adventures it is to be Canadian!

Canada is like the young child with an old soul. We might struggle but look a bit deeper and an ancient wisdom resides. A wisdom that knows better, a wisdom of truth and calm, a wisdom with a toothy grin and belly laugh, a wisdom of the ages weather we always recognize it or not.

A wisdom that you are part of if you can proudly call yourself Canadian.

Happy Canada Day, EH!

OK.. I also love our British influenced lives, sex in a canoe, moose, beer, hockey, lacrose, cottage country, The fact that we have the right to bare breasts not arms, and that we DO NOT have the right to free speech because some things should not be said!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

My mother was Canadian, both my parents were raised in Ontario. I have lots of Canadian relatives. My sister lives in Victoria, and every time I cross the border for a visit I am amazed at the humorous way Canadians have about them. And they are so very NICE!

Happy Canada Day!

Picsie Chick said...

Very nicely written, Susan! I think you've captured very well the spirit of Canada.

And it's kind of you to do so when you're struggling with your own adversities at the moment. How very Canadian of you.

Hugs and butterflies,

Susan Knight said...

Thank you Elizabeth. Glad you have a Canadian connection! I was raised in Ontario as well.. and moved to Kelowna from Victoria! Small world!

PC: Us Canadians are a fun bunch aren't we? Thanks for reading and commenting!