Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our life in Screw Balls

So life has stopped throwing curve balls... and has moved on to screw balls!

WOW.. what a crazy while it's been!! Ratings at work, a house fire, a pregnancy scare, putting on a ton of weight, getting trapped in the real estate crunch, getting lumps removed from my head and a possible heart issue!

No wonder I had to take 2 weeks off and just stay at home!!

Once again I send out thanks and prayers for my wonderful family and friends! I find that you can get threw just about anything with the right team around you.. and it's so much easier when you have them at the start and don't have to build as you go!

One important thing my friends did for me in this round of excitement was make it clear that I was going threw plenty of stress and I wasn't being a total wimp for feeling the strain! Girlfriends sent cards in the mail, work friends gently inquired if I was going to be ok, and family picked up the phone when I called! Plus having a team of professionals to seek advice from certainly helped! I want to give a BIG thumbs up to Julie Weimer at RBC. Banks often get a bad rap when it comes to mortgages, well Julie and RBC have created a new form of yoga in the flexibility and creative thinking that has gone into getting us out of our jam! That's not without sacrifice on our part.. saying Good Bye to the boat as the temp soared to 30 degrees plus on my holidays had me in tears more than once.. as does the pending sale of my FZ6. More kudos this time to the gang at Rayburns Marine World for helping us sell the boat and Charles at Kelowna Yamaha that is sending people my way for the motorcycle!

So the long and short of the money stuff.. with some sacrifices on our part, and what will be a pretty tight year on the horizon, Steve and I still call Jones Street home and will have a rental available at Waterscpaes.. know anyone looking?? All the deets are in the posting a couple below.. we will be asking 1500, and will be ready for move in September 1.

On to the work stuff .... YEAH TEAM! SUN FM rocked the ratings! With two new stations in the market that is a VERY good feeling.. I get to keep my job for another 6 months!!!! :)

And the health front.. the lump in my head was a bunch of fat (insert fat head joke here) I have had a lump growing behind my ear for couple of years now.. last week I had it removed, after a night full of nightmares that the Doc would find worms in my head!! ewwwwwww.. weird part.. it did strangely look like a caterpillar when he pulled it out!! As for the weight stuff.. living in a hotel during the fire repairs did some nasty things to my body! Eating out was NOT good for me!! So I am refocused on the diet to bring down those calories (especially since some of the other stress is pulled back) and putting together a plan to get more competitive in triathlon.. at least I thought I was.. in the process of getting some testing done to figure out how I can train better some weird results have come back.. and some test are being done to see what's up with my heart.. which appears to have a rhythm all of it's own.. ha ha ha. I'm not in too much of a tizzy about it.. but I am concerned.. I will update you as the tests get done!

As a matter of fact I'm thinking this blog is going to turn into a bit of a diary for me.. Next post I will outline the goals and how i plan to get there. I will be an exciting couple of years ahead!

Hopefully you can gain something from my road to success, professionally, financially and athletically that will help you on your own journey!

SK xx

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