Monday, June 15, 2009

Need a reason to quit?

A friend asked me to share this with you. We were discussing smoking. I was a smoker for years, as was my husband. I have now been smoke free for 4 years and my husband for 2. The question most often asked is how and why. The simple answer - we got over ourselves. Smoking is probably one of the single most selfish acts a person can do aside from suicide.

Smoking does not do any good for anyone besides the smoker. NO one. I am not just talking about the appalling act of smoking if you have any interaction with children, I am talking about smoking at all. Facts are pretty clear, it doesn’t matter if you know someone that lived to 106 and was a smoker, smoking contributes to crappy health and usually death. The death is ugly and painful. Smokers will sometimes say, it’s there choice if they put themselves at risk to a deadly disease. Tru-dat. But what about everyone that it effects? On a broader sense we are talking tax dollars and strain on health care, but closer to home, I am talking about the child that sits in the hospital while the sun is shinning outside, waiting for you to die. Watching someone you love at any age die an ugly death is not something we would wish on anyone, yet every person who smokes doesn’t care enough about the people that love them to make sure that can't happen.

Are you really that selfish? Than you should be ashamed of yourself.

It often takes more than one try to quit.. please don't stop trying.


CB said...

What on earth brought this on? If I had written what you wrote and sent it to you 7 (or more) years ago - can you imagine what your reaction would have been? EEK! ;)

Susan Knight said...

True.. but that doesn't mean you wouldn't have been right!