Sunday, March 7, 2010

My trainer from Twist Kelowna talks balance!

This week we are talking about balance. Balance is an important, yet disregarded part of training that should always be integrated into your training routine. Balancing requires concurrent processing of inputs from multiple senses, including: vision and perception of pressure, and proprioception, while the motor system simultaneously controls muscle actions. The senses must detect changes of body position with respect to the base, regardless of whether the body moves, or the base moves. Now I know that may not have made sense to all but let`s say that balance is a crucial part of everyday life and sport.

When Susan first came to us she definitely impressed me with her balance, but obviously there is always room for improvement and in saying that, she was also surprised of how many ways she could be challenged with her balance. With static ( standing still ) or dynamic ( while moving ) balance, both are involved in a day to day basis, we just take it for granted. Susan is now doing exercises on the BOSU or Balance Board that she did not think were possible when she first started, and if I can recall correctly she said ``I feel like I am in the cirque du soleil ``...among a few other things. I am very impressed with Susan`s attitude when she comes here as she is not scared to try new things and that`s what allows her to continuously improve towards her goals.

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