Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who is on your team?

Goooooo Team!

Everyone deserves a team..
I have said it before and I will say it again,
YOU.. deserve a team!

Team Susan has been around for a long time, it's members change but the core stays the same, sometimes it's specific people, sometimes occupations but I have had a team for a longtime. At first I wasn't aware of it, but shortly after my first husband left me it came to my attention that even with a complete melt down I came out the other side OK. Why I wondered? So many friends took years, some have never really recovered and moved on after a break up like I had. What made the difference. There was a couple of things that did, but the big part of my recovery was TEAM SUSAN! I had a support system in place. I was lucky enough to have wonderful friends and family, but most of those had lived far far away for many years so I was more or less on my own. Unbeknown to me, I had developed a team of people without even thinking about it.. so when disaster struck I barely had to think in order to find the help I needed. Of course the first step is always knowing to ask for help but that isn't what I am addressing here, what I am talking about is the team.

(I also have to mention my amazing sister that came out from Ontario to be by my side and my dear friend Karen you dropped her birthday plans to also get to where I was, and Mandy who was by my side the moment the news hit.)

Who is on your team?

Take some time and make a list. Can you put a name and number beside the following?

Shoe repair (you never know when you have to fix a broken heel on your favorite shoes!)
Doctor (all types)
Spiritual guide
Taxi service
Cleaning service

Can you locate:
Bus Terminal
University / Colleges
Drug Store
Hardware Store
Recreation Centre
Laundry mat

I also suggest having a list of immediate family and close friends at hand with mailing addresses and phone numbers. You can also recruit for your team! See someone at work that always has fabulous shoes, glasses, clothes or office supplies? Ask then where they shop! Notice someone always has a sense of calm around them or handles certain situations in a way you admire? Ask them how they do it! Growth is a wonderful thing.. but you usually need some help to do it.. so go out and find it!

On occasion you will hear from members of Team Susan! Kaalun from Twist has all ready been posting, I expect to hear from my chiropractor and RMT, the crew at Natures Faire and Roxi's Salon.. who knows what other voices might pop up! Links to Team Susan can also be found down the right hand side of my blog!

If you are searching for an answer to a question, please feel free to leave a comment and maybe a member of my team will be able to guide you to an answer and in turn become a member of your team!


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