Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a small world after all..

Skype ROCKS!

I have lived far far away from my family for a long time. I LOVE my family and even over the distance my sister and I have grown closer over the years.

I have used Skype over the years, but technology has gotten to a point where it is now just so easy to use. Today I set my computer up and turned on the skype.. It was left on for over 5 hours, I talked to all the kids, listened to songs and homework being done, I gave my sister a tour of our condo and introduced her kids to our dogs. In one afternoon this close family has become closer. Auntie Susie and Uncle Steve now have present day faces, not the ones that hang on the fridge door, but faces with a home and loved dogs, a new teapot and can make funny faces, faces that blew kisses into the computer as they scampered up the stairs to bed.

I truly have a hard time understanding people that must stay close physically to their families. I don't begrudge anyone that choice, it's just not one I understand, especially in a day and age when technology offers so many ways to shorter than distance between good night kisses.

If you are thinking of taking a big step and leaving shared geography with your family, take a chance, take a deep breath and go... remember two things.

#1. You can always go home if you need to

#2. The world is truly getting smaller.

Just for fun.. here is an old school picture of my sister and I.. I'm behind the wheel.. years later I actually taught her how to drive standard in the mountains of Squamish. I have NEVER laughed so hard...


Kelowna Kia said...

Nice pic, Susan and a very sweet post. My wife and kids are my life - my everything!

CB said...

Well, I did enjoy the skype event as well.... it was really nice for the kids to see you two & the doggies.
Kyle really enjoyed singing to you, and you were successful in getting into each of the kids heads that we need a webcam - I can't believe I threw mine out 2 months ago!!

I would still prefer if you were closer, and we didn't have to rely on technology to stay connected...

That being said, I'll take what I can get, and will enjoy talking to you on skype as much as possible!


PS: to anyone wanting to learn how to drive standard... never try to learn in a mountainous region! You may laugh a lot, but you won't learn how to drive standard!! ;)