Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I learned this week...

I must write down blog ideas because if I don't when I sit down to blog I will forget them.

Embrace a good idea. Skype ROCKS and is super easy.

I can do a LOT of lunges and somehow I am stronger with Kaalun in the room compared to when he leaves for just a second!

My sister and I share an odd health issue and have for a decade, but we didn't know each other had it. (We also have matching moles)

I have (in some aspects) grown into my potential and it feels good when someone recognizes it.

That I would rather cheer FOR my country than AGAINST another.

I LOVE being a radio announcer and can't wait to start our new contest! FUN FUN FUN!

Canadian Tire commercials can make me cry and GM commercials can make me laugh.. I think I need a shammy.. *sniff*

I really miss owning a boat even more than I thought I would.

That I love our wee little condo and can't wait till it's all set up the way I want!

One day i want to get paid to do narration work.

Growing out my bangs is about to become, once again, a failed attempt.

What did you learn this week? Please share!


CB said...

Ha! Now you've got everyone wondering about our odd health issue....

Keep growing your bangs - just buy a wide lululemon headband and hold them back with that for now. You can do it!! Change is good!

Oh, and where are our matching moles?

Andrew Nadia said...

I have learnt that you can't swim your butt off and eat like crap or it is just one big waste of time.

That getting up at 6am really isn't that bad.

Old ladies are my heros! (Aqua fit)

I am PROUD to be a Canadian! (And my name is in CaNADIAn :) How sweet is that)

Money makes the world go round and it really sucks when you don't have a whole lot of it.

There are my lessons for the week!


PS - Keep on growing!

pss - Feel free to check out my blog :)

Susan Knight said...

Hi Cath.. I think i will just let people wonder! HA HA HA

We both have a mole on the outside edge of our foot.. or maybe it's on the inside of our toe.. it's on our foot somewhere!

Those headbands seem to always slip off my head! Any tricks to keeping them on??

Susan Knight said...

Nadia.. LOVE your lessons :) I checked out your blog and left a comment!

Michelle said...

new contest?? now im intriguied. heh. this week i learned that i have alot in common with my cousin. i hadnt talked to her more then 3 words in 22 years and last nite we chatted for 2-3 hours. it was really cool.

you are a real inspiration to me susan, i wish i could have the will power to get in shape and such too. but on no income it sucks

all the best to you

Susan Knight said...

Michelle, You will LOVE this contest! :)

I know it's hard when funds are tight to get in shape.. a friend of mine in the same spot managed to do it.. she started by walking up a hill near her house everyday, rain or shine... and she said that the YMCA has a sliding scale if your funds are tight.. you might want to check that out!

Good luck!

BTW: Pretty cool about your cousin!

Meredith said...

I've always known about your matching weak urine streams. Nothing new there.