Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 tips for 10 pounds

I can't remember where this came from.. but I cut and pasted it awhile ago and thougyt it was a good read..

1. If you usually drink full sugar fizzy drinks...stop!
Lose more than two pounds in a month without trying (estimating about 10 cans per week). One can of fizzy drink has 150-170 calories and no nutrition. Have ice cold water or a can of diet fizzy drink if you like but limit the diet stuff to one can per day.

2. Go for a walk
Take a brisk 15-minute walk twice a day and there goes a pound in a month.

3. Change the crisps to popcorn
One serving of crisps has 60 more calories than air-popped popcorn, and ten times more fat grams. Just changing this snack will help you lose half a pound this month. Better yet, switch to baby carrots and lose another half pound, for a total of a full pound!

4. Down-size me!
Order a junior-sized burger instead of the regular, and a side salad too. The junior size is plenty for most people and is mighty satisfying on its own. The original has 700 calories, the junior only 400 (eliminate the mayonnaise on the junior, and you're really getting somewhere!). Save 390 calories on one burger and, if you eat out twice a week or more, you'll drop at least three quarters of a pound just by switching from a large size to a smaller one.

5. Get on your bike!
Instead of sitting for hours in front of the television, get on your exercise bike and pedal. Each time an ad break comes on, pedal! You'll burn about 200 calories. Do it at least five evenings per week during your favourite programme (take it you'll be pedalling about 20 minutes a day) and lose another pound!

6. Switch from sugary muesli to bran flakes
Add a small box of raisins to liven things up. Switch from full-fat to semi-skimmed milk and save 70 calories - which is another half pound - without trying!

7. Do you add butter to your bread?
Do you add mayo to your tuna? Do you drink full-fat milk? How about full-fat ice cream? Just switch products. Today's lower-fat butters are great. You don't need to sacrifice the taste of butter and you can avoid trans fat too. Buy a spread labelled 'no trans fats' and save about 75 calories per table spoon. Low-fat mayonnaise is still tasty and you'll never miss the extra calories you'll save. Lower fat ice cream is superb. Just switch to the lighter choices and lose close to two pounds a month.

8. It's getting nice out!
Instead of sitting in the car as you go through the wash, do it yourself by hand. Spend an hour each week this month, save yourself some money, and lose half a pound.

9. Eat grilled chicken instead of fried
Frying food means you're cooking in fat. It can't help but be higher in calories. Tasty griddled, baked or grilled chicken without the skin is the better choice and is a delicious saving equal to about 200 calories, or about half a pound a month.

10. Be careful with your coffee
Your morning coffee can undo all the good efforts of the day before! A mocha latte with syrup and whipped cream has all the hallmarks of a decadent dessert, and can add 420 calories before you have even eaten breakfast. Instead, have a cappuccino with skimmed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and lose up to three pounds in a month...and save a lot of money.

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