Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Been a couple of days..

I'm not doing badly but have hit a couple of bumps along the road.

The eating slowly is going ok.. Two things, first I REALLY have to think about it or I slip back into old eating habits and I REALLY like to mix up my food.. I like a pieces of salad mixed up with some rice and meat all on the same fork.. this is NOT working to my new eating ways!

Plus I hate to admit it but stress effects my eating. STOP rolling your eyes. I know that is a no-brainer.. but I have heard of these mythical creatures that get stressed and DON'T FEEL LIKE EATING! Not me, stress sneaks up and tickles my underbelly and presto, this girl wants FOOD!!

But I guess this is what the process is all about!

I came across some more interesting stats:

A new study by Skinny Cow low fat iced desserts reveals that the average woman burns 48,000 calories a year by shopping. Other findings:

- women make up to 132 shopping trips each year and burn approximately five calories a minute or a total of 47,700 calories over a 12-month period.

- women engage in 11 shopping trips per month: two are to buy clothes; five are to buy food and four are to a local store

- 70% of women say they feel completely exhausted after a shopping spree while 60% say it's a great form of exercise.

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Picsie Chick said...

My stress reaction: I want to eat bread (and anything else with lots of carbs and some sugar) *and* I want to sleep *and* I don't want to exercise.

The sad part is that, despite how quickly the stress problem is resolved, reversed, or a new plan is set in motion, my stress reaction often lasts about a month. Even if I know it's there.

It does seem to lift faster if I talk about it, though: the stress, the reaction, the reason for the stress. It's almost as if by acknowledging it all, somehow that takes the stress' power away. :-)

My friend, I send you butterflies to ease the troubles away and to melt that stress; and to help you keep moving and to help you want vegetables, not parfait.

(but if you really want parfait, dish yourself a really small one, and eat it slowly, savouring every bite like you would a fantastic lover)

And then go shopping.

Hugs and butterflies,