Monday, January 11, 2010

Grumpy Day!

Weird day.

Every year around this time I have one day where I am cranky, curlish, and moody. One day when I really have to work to be pleasant at all.. one day when I am spoiling for fight more than others.. this year that would be today.

Yes I am in a wonderful relationship with an outstanding guy!

But much to the surprise of many, I was previously married. I was in love and I had my heart smashed to smitherens when I was left for another women.

It sucked. What really stinks is the scars it left.. Another time I will tell you about the gifts it gave me.. inner strength blah blah blah..

Today it just makes me grumpy.

Therefore today's goals were/are: make it to Twist for my work out (done) No emotional eating (so far so good) and count the wonderful blessings in my life now.. especially that one that is taking me to the movies tonight! (In progress)


Tex said...

Some days just suck. We all have them, some are just better than others at suppressing homicidal thoughts. :)

As for all you have learned from the past, I have no idea how much better a person you are for all you have gone through...I only know how amazing a person you are now. I didn't know the "old you", and frankly, if the old you is less than the you today, then I am ok with only knowing the current incarnation of the amazing Suzie.

You have a great guy there - he's a definite keeper!!!

Picsie Chick said...

Sending you butterflies, Susan. I love how you are so good at the cheerful thing that there are people who think you have a perfect life.

You don't, but what you make of it is amazing! I love that about you!

So, yes, by all means, have a grumpy day. Tell us about it. And let us send you some cheerful butterflies to remind you that we think you're great exactly the way you are.


RJToronto (kongnak) said...

Hey, missus! Keep in mind two things:

1) You have no idea how many days you brighten, just by being yourself on the air in the morning. When I was feeling low & awoke from a nightmare this week, it was your voice that I wanted to hear to distract me and keep me occupied, not Howard Stern's, or any of the premium content I pay for on Sirius XM (US)

2) Even at our lowest, if we do something to make a situation a little easier for someone - no matter how small or insignificant we might think it is - we have improved both that person and ourselves.

It seems to me that you accomplish that every day.

Big hugs ...


Susan Knight said...

Thanks all :) I appreciate you commenting and the words to the wise!