Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekends can be such fun!

Which doesn't usually bode that well for better eating habits.


OK.. really it didn't go that badly! I had a great core workout at Twist on Friday with Kaalun (which I still am still feeling 72 hours later!) Friday night we had a Raclette party with some friends.. what's a Raclette? It is both a cheese and an appliance! Basically you grill veggies, prawns, and meat on top and melt Raclette cheese in little trays below.. combine on a craker and volia - cheesy goodness!

Having problems with picturing this? Here:

Good news: While cheese isn't high on the list of things to eat whilst watching ones weight, this system is excellent for portion control which has been my focus!

Bad news: Wine. Lots and lots and lots of wine.

*interesting note* "They" say organic wine helps prevents hang overs.. apparently not if it's only 1 bottle of organic wine.. and 5 of non-organic!

Good news: Dance Dance Revolution must of burned off a few calories!

I am a week and a half in at this point and I have to say I am please with the change in the eating habits, some weight has come off (I can tell with clothes) and I made it to Twist 3 times.. GREAT!

I was hoping to start with the running last week, but it looks like that will start this week, my muscles have been hurting a ton and I was just to tired last week.

This week I shall "suck it up!"

I am getting myself ready, by the end of the month I will not only stand on the scale but I will also start swimming again. I am very excited about that, Steve has even bought me a water proof MP3 player I can use while swimming laps!

Here's to a wonderful week ahead!

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