Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One toe in...

One toe in... One toe out.. One toe in.. One toe out... That's not my style...

Here we go...

2009 was a year of drama for many. I am choosing to call it a year of "drama" to keep away from calling it a horrible, terrible, disastrous waste of 365 days! Truly there were moments of great good, fun, accomplishment and success! Plus lots of lessons learned *sigh* what would life be with out those lessons. Too make a long story short 2009 started with a house fire and progressed to include the passing of not 1, but both of our dogs, a frozen shoulder, no racing, weight gain, a real estate crash that lead us to selling our boat and other finical obstacles, and being homeless twice. On the other side of the coin, we made some new wonderful friends and spent more time with some we already had, had 2 new dogs come into our home that we are fostering, bought a wonderful new condo about 45 seconds from the beach and as Steve will tell you 254 yards to the beer store, i had a stellar year at work, started growing my "voice" work and mentoring business and learned that I have a wonderfully high pain tolerance!

So here we are at 2010.

Normally I'm not a big "New Year - New Out look" kinda gal. If it came down to a time of year my changes generally get put into motion in the fall. But this has been a different kind of 12 months, even with growth and a positive outlook I am very happy to see the door slam on 2009.

I have made some choices that will effect the rest of the year, choices that I will chronicle here. If you would like to join me on this journey I would be thrilled!

Basic concept. 8 months. Lose 60 pounds. Go to Costa Rica and learn to surf.

Good News. when I first really started a journey towards health almost 10 years ago I weighted in close to 250 pds. My lowest weigh since then was 145. I have always been able to the first 60 pounds of my weight loss off.. I fluctuate with the 55 or so in between. So I am taking a hard look at how I lost that first 60, what worked what didn't and why. I am going to apply the lessons learned. The most basic are. Drink lots of water. Get enough sleep. Small portion sizes. Take a multivitamin. Be active, always walk rather than drive if you can and never say no to doing something active over hanging out on the couch. I Listen to what all the "experts" say but decide for myself if it will work for me.

To start I went down to Nature's Fair in the mission and talked to Suzi. I am now taking a multivitamin amongst a host of other oils and minerals. I have started a pretty straight forward and simple 7 day cleanse, which will be followed by a 30 day cleanse to try to get the toxins out of my body. Plus some protein powder that goes into my morning smoothie.

I have continued with my training at "Twist" and will put into action the running and swimming so I can participate in a triathlon again this summer. I will have more details on this as it gets more organized and we see how far I can push my shoulder.

It feels good to be back, exasperating to be in this position, and motivating to know that I might help someone else find the answer to what seems to be a never ending hunt to health and happiness questions!

Bring on 2010!


Blondewithbrains said...

I totally agree with you that 2009 was a year to forget. We went through the Glenrosa Fires and having to rescue my mother who was at our home alone and doesnt drive, and the fire coming within 250m of our house. Then my mother passed away on Dec 29th from injuries she received from a car accident on Nov 30th. I am hoping that 2010 will be an overall better year and am trying to have a more positive attitude to help make me look at things better. :)

Picsie Chick said...

My husband and I both look back at 2009 as a great year! We didn't have the big majors that you did, but we both lost our jobs (were at 100% unemployment in our house for a couple of weeks), but it was such an improvement from the terrible boss we had that it didn't upset us! I decided to buy a franchise that would have changed my life, but by the end of the year, could see that wasn't going to work and had to cancel it. And my husband is getting ready to write an exam that will put him into the 100% commission employment sector (real estate).

It's all good, though! We had fabulous times with so many good friends, our dogs and cats are healthy (thank goodness), we welcomed a new cat to our home, adopted from a friend whose young baby was too allergic, and he's really a sweet boy.

My blog has become much more popular, despite the fact that I almost never reply to the comments (how many ways can I say, thank you, I'm so glad you like my photos?), and I even sold 2 prints to a fan in England.

I participated in most of the cycling events that I wanted to, and discovered my favourite bike racing is the bike leg of a sprint triathlon (know any runners or swimmers who want to create a team?) and joined the group for a couple of belly dance performances.

My weight is between 10 and 15 pounds above where I ought to and want to be, but I've already got 180 km on my bike (spinning on the trainer) this year, so that is definitely going to happen.

I'm really looking forward to reading about the great new year you have in store. I love your amazing attitude, and it sounds like you do really cool things! I'm cheering for you as you head to Twist and eat healthy and all that stuff.

Keep up the great work, Susan, and I'll be right here with ya!

Hugs and butterflies,

Meredith said...

Good for you Sue. I have been checking your blog every so often to see what's up and figured you had a lot on your plate if you weren't updating.

I hope 2010 is more promising for you.

Meredith (Cathy's friend)

Susan Knight said...

Thanks all!

It's good to be back and feeling better! Sometimes you just have to put your head down and get threw it.. that's what 2009 was all about, it's nice to look around again :)

BWB: I'm so sorry about your Mom, sometimes healing does only come with Time and a positive attitude.

PC: You and those Butterflies ROCK! As does your photography! So happy that your pics are making it around the world!

Meredith (Cathy's friend): HA HA HA.. I know who you are!! Thanks for continueing to check to see if I have wriiten anything!