Thursday, January 14, 2010

Survey Says!

A new survey by Slimming World reveals that overweight workers earn less than fit workers and are more likely to be bullied or overlooked for promotions. Findings:

- 10% of male bosses have rejected a job candidate because of their weight
- 16% of obese workers say their colleagues are supporting them in their effort to lose weight
- 25% of obese employees have overheard another co-worker making fun of their size or weight.

The truth in that survey really stinks. As some one who has been almost 70 pounds heavier than I am now.. and who has also been 50 pounds smaller than I am now I have been at both ends of the spectrum. TRUTH: You get treated better when you are smaller. OK.. If you are a world of nasty by nature people won't treat you well big or small.. but right off the bat.. before anything besides the physical first impressions.. If you are smaller you are treated better..

Here's as Oprah say's an A-HA moment.. I treat MYSELF better when I am smaller.. OUCH.

As promised here is a picture of the jeans.. I LOVE these jeans. Gap size 6 curvy..

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Jennie M said...

So true sister Susie Q!