Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phenomanal Fridays!

On Friday's I will post a picture, a poem, a saying, or a story that is special to me and brings me motivation is one way or another... For our first Phenomenal Friday. A picture!

It was at this moment I felt for the first time ever that I could do a sport. My ability in this area has never been "phenomenal" nothing ever felt like it came naturally, until this moment. It was tough to learn, but I mastered wake surfing in a proper time frame, became darn right good at it and have remained a solid surfer. While I don't have any 360's in my surfing repertoire, I can stand, ride and play in the wave for longer than most. This was one of my most liberating experience, this was a moment that reminded me no matter how old I was life's surprises could come in unexpected areas, even those areas I thought I had come to terms with and accepted that it just "wasn't my thing" turns out something was. Lesson learned: Being comfortable with your perception of your abilities is good, but never stop looking for that twist that could open the door to a dream.


MothMan said...

When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a 'current' photo, and I was about to accuse you of being nuts in the noggin for being in the lake at this time of year. :p

Then I read the post, and realized you're not not nuts,.... well... ok, maybe that's going too fa.r

But on a serious note, great post, interesting read.

Keep on surfin'! :)

Susan Knight said...

YIKES! I do tend to get in the lake earlier than most, but that would be COLD!! LOL.. BTW: You're pics on the blog are so good.. and just the sweetest little one!