Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small bite, put down food, chew, swallow, chat.. breathe.. small bite.. and repeat!

All my life I have listen to people say, take small bites, chew your food, slow down when you eat..

I eat like a wild animal making sure no other predator can get my kill..

Usually I am the first one done at the table, well part of the new plan involves listening to the above advice and taking those small bites and slowing down. It's only been a couple of days.. but.. wait for it..

They're RIGHT!

It totally makes a difference! Yesterday I was full before finishing everything on my plate, this is not something that EVER happens to me.. I checked on line and found this device. While I don't think I need to go to this extreme I can see how it could work!

This is a totally different "diet" experience, I'm not so much changing the food I am eating as I am the habits surrounding the food.


Picsie Chick said...

Yay! It *does* work (although my current eating habits are completely ignoring my own advice, heh), and yay for you for being so disciplined!

The device you linked to looks painful for me since I have TMJ syndrome and my jaw feels like it is restrained anyway...but I saw this other one on a commercial and thought it looked quite intriguing and possibly not too uncomfortable.

I'm glad to see that mindfulness is becoming a popular health choice. :-)

I took veggies for snacks all week, which was awesome, but bought pizza the day I ended up working late. With my wheat intolerance, it's more of a setback than for your average person, but I know that it will pass. :-)

240 trainer kilometers in. Time to start doing something more than just spinning.

How is the training coming along?

Hugs and butterflies,

DanaJKalman said...
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Susan Knight said...

Good for you with the veggies PC! I understand the pizza + wheat tolerance thing.. I REALLY understand LOL.. I also had TMJ trouble but as soon as I started seeing a chiropractor regularly it went away! I kid you not!! SOOOOO AWESOME!My Mom even had surgery because of her TMJ.. wish I had known about chiropractors than!

Training is starting slow.. but it's starting, I hope to be in teh pool by the end of the month and I kick up my "twist" to 3 times a week starting Monday! Week after that I will get the running going again..

FaithywaithyKelowna said...

Susan, keep up the good work. It's true that we all eat fast at times and your photo is applicable and funny. All this talk about TMJ. I just had my third bout of extreme soreness and pain in the right joint for the third time in my life. With a lot of prayer and the excellent exercises on the internet my jaw is fine again.

Susan Knight said...

TMJ sure does seem to cause a lot of trouble! Glad you found something that works for you! Nothing is worse than constantly trying to "crack" your jaw because it's uncomfortable.. and it also doesn't look very nice!